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Tell Stories in Your Executive Resume

Cut the Clutter, and Start Storytelling in Your Executive Resume

The biggest mistake you are making with your executive resume is one you do not even know you are doing. You’re describing your career history. It is true–you are describing your jobs one by one, and you are boring your audience, ensuring that they do not read beyond the first line or two of each position you have held. Read on to learn how to change your executive resume writing strategy by minimizing the space you use to describe your career.

Top tips for executive resume writing from Five Strengths. Change your strategy now!

Top Tips for Executive Resume Writing

Top Tips for Executive Resume Writing: If you are thinking about developing your executive resume right now, take a look at my most popular blog posts from the last several years. These are the ones that executive job seekers like yourself review again and again for top tips on how to prepare your executive resume.

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Cool Tools to Search for Jobs Online

Stop wasting hours searching for jobs online. If you are spending more than 10% of your time searching online for jobs, you are wasting your time. Use these cool tools to automate the search process, so you can focus on networking into the right role.

Fired from your job? Follow these 5 steps to start your executive job search.

What to Do about Your Executive Job Search if You Have Been Fired (or Consciously Uncoupled) from Your Company

Let’s face it–there is very little that is good about being fired. Executives experiencing this type of crisis often believe that the best thing for them to do is to get right back in the saddle and go search for a new job. Instead of forcing yourself into a job search situation for which you are not fully prepared and to which you are not fully committed, take a step back and follow these five steps to preparing to start an executive job search.

The tests you use to decide to accept a LinkedIn connection request should screen most connections in rather than out.

Why You Should Accept (Almost All) LinkedIn Connection Requests

You might be open to accepting every connection–or no connections. Overall, your strategy for accepting and creating connections has to work for your specific situation, particularly if you are in an executive job search. Here is a quick test to determine whether you should accept a LinkedIn connection request.

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