When you go into an interview with recruiters or with hiring leaders, they are hoping you are the right one for the job. They want you to be an amazing candidate with the right fit for the company.

It’s up to you to provide the right interview responses that prove you are the perfect candidate for the position. The Five Strengths Career Transition Experts interview coaches help you prepare yourself in every way possible for you to demonstrate that you are the one the company needs.

Our interview coaches work with each job seeker to help them understand their strengths, talents, and capabilities in an entirely different way. Unlike the professional resume writing process, the interview coaching process helps you put your exceptional talents into your own words in a way that communicates your unparalleled excellence to an interviewer.

Interview Coaching Is Right for You

Have you

  • Had several jobs in your life, and now you’re planning a promotion?
  • Worked in the same company for years, perhaps decades, and you’ve never truly interviewed for each promotion you earned?
  • Become uncomfortable talking about your experience, because it feels like you are bragging?
  • Interviewed candidates as the hiring manager and have seen some disastrous approaches to interviewing.
  • Believed you would fail in an interview because you think you have nothing to say that will impress your interviewer?

Think again. Our interview coaches understand the way you think, and we will help you present yourself during your interview so that you are confident and in control.

Call Amy at 801-810-5627 to learn about how she can prepare you to ace your interview.

Comprehensive Interview Coaching Prepares Your Interview Messaging

Your interview preparation begins long before you have applied for the interview and received the call to join the hiring manager for a conversation. The time to prepare for that meeting is now—while you have the time to think about and plan for your interview process.

Your interview coach introduces proven strategies for you to use during your interview, depending on your specific needs and interview plans. These topics can include:

  • Pre-interview preparation
  • Company research
  • Telephone interview strategy
  • Dressing for success
  • Developing concrete answers for common questions
  • Handling the not-so-common questions
  • Creating an eye-catching portfolio
  • Handling discriminatory questions
  • Handling salary questions
  • Asking questions that prove you’re the right candidate
  • Closing the interview
  • Following up after the interview
  • Negotiation your offer

Interview Coaching Rapid Preparation Program

If your interview is imminent, your Five Strengths Career Transition Experts interview coach can prepare you on the interview skill or skills of your choice. If you need to learn to handle uncommon interview questions, negotiate your salary, or anything else in between, your interview coach will take the time to address these specific interview questions with you.

Comprehensive Interview Coaching: The Gold Standard

Your interview preparation is not complete without your workbook,Interviewing: The Gold Standard.This interview manual is 170+ pages of cutting-edge worksheets, resources, tests, checklists, samples, and examples that help you prepare to nail the interview of your dreams. As part of the Five Strengths interview coaching program, this book is your go-to resource and reference for your interview preparation. Use in conjunction with your Five Strengths interview coaching program or as part of your interviewing self-study.

Five Strengths interview coaches consult with clients in Salt Lake City, Utah, and virtually with clients across the United States. Our headquarters are at 2180 East 4500 South, Suite 150, Holladay, UT, 84117. Contact us at +1 (801) 810-JOBS (5627).

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