How We Will Work Together on Your Executive Resume

Expected Results from Working with Us

When you work on your executive career with Amy L. Adler, you can expect to learn more about yourself and what drives your career satisfaction than you ever thought possible. Our executive career coaching and executive resume writing strategy will prepare you for your career transition so that you can target the right positions in the right companies in the right industries–and offers for the ones you truly want.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the value of one-to-one interactions and the mutual trust that these types of relationships create. We build trusting, confidential relationships with each of our clients. In fact, we’ll get to know one another extremely well, and you will know from the start that I place an exceptional value on that ongoing relationship. I know that your career transition is confidential, and I vow to protect your confidence and support your career change throughout the entire process.

What Makes Amy Different

When you search for an executive resume writer, you have many choices. What makes me different? To start, I am an internationally recognized, award-winning executive resume writer. I also have a strong business background, an MBA, an MA focused on editorial management, and 20+ years’ experience in writing and editing. I am also a Certified Advanced Resume Writer.

Those are my credentials. The proof of my success, however, is in the success of my clients and the positive experience they have in choosing and working with me. Go back to the top of this page and re-read my philosophy statement. Then read some of my clients’ testimonials. Finally, look at my resume samples. You’ll see the value and the difference.

Additionally, I want you to understand that I am available throughout your career search and beyond for support, questions, and strategy. I place a high value on answering my phone myself; when you call, I will answer. If you reach my voice mail because I am working one-on-one with a client, you absolutely can expect a return call.

Seven Steps to Plan and Execute Your Executive Resume Writing Strategy

  1. First, review the web site. If you believe that our executive resume writing services and executive career coaching services are right for you, visit our contact page and send us a message with your current resume.
  2. Amy will call you at the time and date you specify for an initial consultation. At that point, we’ll talk about your current situation, your career goals, and what might be holding you back from the success you desire. During this strategy session, we will work to establish your custom career search plan, which may include executive career coaching, executive resume writing, cover letter strategy and writing, LinkedIn strategy, and more.
  3. If we both agree that we are good fit for one another, Amy will send you a letter of agreement that details the project as we defined it in our call. You’ll need to fill it out in Word and return it to us.
  4. If you are engaging in career coaching, that process usually precedes the resume writing process.
  5. For your resume, you and Amy will meet one-on-one for 1 to 2 hours over the phone, Skype, or in person. We will ask you careful questions to bring out your professional sense of self—your branding—as well as all the great experiences you’ve had that brought you to this point in your career. The process feels a lot like an interview, but it’s a lot more friendly. In fact, many clients have told Amy that digging deeply into their career histories was excellent preparation for their interviews.
  6. Within approximately 5 business days, Amy will present you with the materials that we have planned; we’ll collaborate on the phone to discuss them and make any changes you might request. Usually the changes are few, and the revision process is fairly quick.
  7. Once you are confident that every word your resume represents you the way you want to be represented, we will send them to you in Word, PDF, and ASCII (plain text).

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