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TORI Award-Winning Resumes

For those who have scoured the Internet for ideas for sample executive resumes, the following resume samples from real executives are going to refresh your thinking. No longer the career history and laundry list of responsibilities, successful resumes detail the candidates’ unique accomplishments. Just like these clients’ resumes did for them, your resume will answer hiring executives’ needs. Some of these resumes won global TORI Awards. All of these earned best-in-class interviews.

Your Executive Resume Is Your Calling Card

Your résumé is more than simply your career history. Your cover letter is more than a request for an interview. Each conveys not only that you are the right executive for the job—but that you are the only one for the job. If your executive resume delivers anything less, you can be assured that you will be passed over. A compelling resume and marketing message conveys that you are the unique, best solution to the hiring executive’s problem, and the sooner they can interview you for the role, the better.

Executive Resumes that Get Interviews

The following executive resume samples are real, with names, dates, and other identifying data changed to protect my clients’ anonymity. However, the people behind these documents are real, and they were, at one time, job seekers like you. Read my clients’ success stories; to read what they had to say about my work and about their renewed confidence in their ability to get the interviews they needed for the executive careers they wanted.

These Resume Samples Represent My Client Base and the Caliber of My Expertise

These example resumes are all from my roster of distinguished executives, professionals, and recent graduates; they represent the many types of clients with whom I work every day. You’ll find my TORI wins and nominations among these as well. You might even see resumes in industries and job functions like yours. If you do not, never fear; these are only a sampling of my complete portfolio, which includes hundreds of career portfolios—resumes, LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies, cover letters, and more:

Executive candidate functions:

  • CEO resumes
  • CMO resumes
  • CTO resumes
  • CIO resumes
  • COO resumes
  • Vice presidents resumes
  • President resumes
  • General manager resumes
  • Director resumes
  • Regional manager resumes
  • . . . and more.

Executive candidate industries

  • Information technology
  • Mobile technology
  • Sports
  • Music / Entertainment
  • Higher education
  • Executive sales
  • Logistics
  • Light manufacturing
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Medical practice
  • Hospital management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Executive chef / event management / hospitality
  • Real estate sales and development
  • MBA candidates
  • . . . and more.

These Example Resumes Are from Real Work with Real Clients

I have permission to anonymize and publish these samples; they are actual clients, although I have changed their identifying details. The career portfolios I completed for them are unique to their experiences and expertise, as yours would be as well. If your own resume needs a refresh, then I encourage you to contact me rather than copy from these highly personalized and tailored examples that represent the expertise I provide.

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