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It may be helpful for you as you determine your job search strategy to take a look at sample resume writing work that Five Strengths has completed in the past. Of course, each job seeker’s resume is going to be unique to that person’s job search strategy, industry, and job target. Nevertheless, you may find it helpful to see that we have completed resumes in many different industries.

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The sample resumes you see here were written according to the Five Strengths proven executive writing process, which included an individualized consultation with each client–often as part of a larger coaching engagement that enables you define your career vision and go after the roles that only you can fill. During each consultation, the resume writer asked very specific questions about each candidate’s career history. The candidate’s existing resume was used only for guidelines related to places, dates, and position titles. A five strengths resume writer never copies from anywhere, including a client’s existing resume.

Our Executive Resume Samples

These are resume samples we have written and customized for real job seekers. All identifying data has been changed to protect our clients’ identities. We never sell our customer information—nor do we give it away. We promise to protect your confidentiality the same way.

You will note that these resumes represent director-level and above and primarily executive-level individuals in a range of industries. Five Strengths is experienced producing custom resumes for directors, vice presidents, presidents, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CEOs in all types of industries.


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Our Resume Samples Are Unique

When you are looking at or searching for executive resume samples, you need to know that the sample executive resumes you are reading here are actual resumes created for real job seekers, not documents that were cobbled together simply for publication. The Five Strengths professional resume writing staff have worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries and with dozens of job titles. We have asked selected clients if we might use their resumes as samples long after we worked with them and they achieved the successes they expected during their job searches. These clients readily agreed to have their resumes completely anonymized and used on our site as samples of the work expert executive resume writer Amy L. Adler is accustomed to producing.

Your Executive Resume Is Unique, Too

You might be thinking that you like these executive resume samples. You might like them enough to want to use some of the text for your own resume.

We caution you: Do not copy these samples.

  1. These executive resume samples are copyrighted. Because our resume samples are unique, and because they belong to the individual job seekers for whom we have written them, they are copyrighted, and they may not be reproduced in any form without permission.
  2. These we wrote these executive resumes based on each client’s specific career history. Unless you have had the exact same experiences as these executive candidates, the wording, phrasing, and accomplishments Amy described simply won’t apply to you.
  3. You are unique. Your executive resume needs to reflect your unique professional history and your individual accomplishments. Take credit for your career history and craft a professional resume that amplifies your accomplishments and shows how you contributed to each of your employers in your inimitable way.

Use These Executive Resume Samples to Learn How We Work with Executive Job Seekers

All of this having been said, please do read each resume sample. We at Five Strengths want you to understand that in hiring us you are selecting a boutique executive resume writing service aimed at promoting your best accomplishments and qualifications. We do not run our business as a factory, pumping out resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter, LinkedIn profile after LinkedIn profile. As we described, we consult with each job seeker with whom we work to learn as much as we can about their personal career histories and accomplishments and create individualized, targeted resumes and cover letters. Expect to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours of uninterrupted consultation time on the phone with your professional resume writer. Our regular services do not require you to fill out an online resume questionnaire—we do the work for you, as long as you come to the phone consultation prepared to answer critical questions about your experience. Of course, we will coach you during your initial free consultation about the types of questions you can expect to be asked, and you’re always welcome to call or email with questions about how to prepare for your consultation.

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Are You Ready to Work with a Professional Resume Writer?

If you’ve read this far, we believe you are ready to work with a Five Strengths professional resume writer. We expect you to choose us carefully. Use this quick self-assessment if you are still not sure if you and Five Strengths are a good match. If you have questions about whether you are right for our professional resume writing services—or whether Five Strengths is right for you, call us at + 1 (801) 810-5627.

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