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Your Colleagues' Career Paths Can Inform Your Own

Learn about Career Paths with LinkedIn’s “Past Company”

Have you ever wondered where you could go from your current job? Are you concerned that your career path is unclear, and you do not know what your next position might be? Use LinkedIn’s “Past Company” built-in search feature to learn where your company’s former employees landed to help you craft your own path.

Where is the bottleneck in your job search networking strategy?

5 Ways to Measure Your Job Search Networking Success

Do you wonder whether you are really getting anywhere with your job search networking strategy? While you are in the midst of networking, the process can seem thankless. Did that connection you made a month ago turn into something? How do you know whether the presentation you attended was worth going to from a networking perspective? Although it is hard to pin job search success onto any one networking event, overall, you can measure your networking success with a few simple metrics.

The gamification of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s Gamification of Profile Views: More Harm than Good?

The new metric of how you compete with your network for page rank engages you to focus on the unnatural competition between you and the very people who are likely to be your most precious asset in your job search.

LinkedIn's race to the top for profile views is on. Where do you rank among your network?

Compete with Your LinkedIn Network for Profile Rank

LinkedIn has rolled out a competition in the form of ranking profiles against your network that can help job seekers with their job searches. Use this new tools to bring your networking efforts online and to ensure that you are maximizing the LinkedIn platform’s opportunities–but do not get lost in the competition and lose sight of the true value of LinkedIn for your job search.

How to Convert Your LinkedIn Profile to the Functional Format

Converting your functional resume into LinkedIn is possible, and if you’re one of the perhaps 1% of job seekers for whom the functional resume style makes sense, then this strategy is for you. You might have been frustrated by the fact that the LinkedIn interface does not lend itself to the functional format. Use these strategic tips to get around this “lack” in the LinkedIn platform.

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