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Your resume made the difference

Thank you for all of your help! Your resume made the difference and pushed me past an intro and got me an interview.–Jon Accarino, Executive Director KSL / NBC

Amy is excellent at what she does.

Amy is excellent at what she does. I received a tremendous response from the resume that she created for me. Her ideas are unique and creative. She took her time to gather details that enabled her to present my career in a way that enabled me to get my dream opportunity.–James H., Sales Executive, Real Estate Industry

The two of you in tandem are unstoppable

Kim was fabulous and I believe a good luck charm, because I didn’t start getting any returned calls, emails, or offers until after I started working with her. The two of you in tandem are unstoppable. I’m recommending you both to everyone I know.–D.F., Biomaterials Industry

Amy is the most experienced and knowledgeable professional I could have hired for the job.

I hired Amy to write a targeted professional resume for MBA admissions. Bar none, Amy is the most experienced and knowledgeable professional I could have hired for the job.

I met with her for an interview to discuss my history, current resume, and target career. Her process of extracting information from me left no stones unturned.

Amy then went to work. Within two days she had composed the best resume I have ever had in my 15 year work history, and that was just the draft. I have never worked with anybody who was able to turn such accurate and professional results in a first draft. After a few changes, which she was happy to make, the final draft of my resume was complete.

Amy also provided editing services for my admissions essay. This time it was my turn to write. Her critique was tough, yet patient. She knew the standard the essay had to meet and how to get me to it.

Amy’s services are an invaluable asset to me. She was key to my MBA admissions success where I was selected as a first round candidate. I am certain that without her expertise I would have struggled to make it in.

It is with a sense of gratitude, awe and admiration that I recommend her services. I will hire her again and again in the future.–Scott Kingdon, President, Enisin International

I still attribute getting this job to my great resume!!

I’ve been at my “new” job since January and am very happy!! I still attribute getting this job to my great resume!! The managers received over 100 resumes and only called six in for an interview and I know my resume helped me stand out. — KS, Energy Industry, CA

Such a professional resume

I thank you again for helping me in my job search. It was great to have such a professional resume that I could quickly provide when I was called about this position. — Merrilee Downey, Banking Field, Minneapolis, MN

It was well worth it!

For the month of May I’ve had six interviews. I’m at 50 percent for call backs and I’ve had two offers which I declined. I’m optimistic that things will come together. Your resume hit the spot and I’m very grateful for what you did; it was well worth it! — C.N., Salt Lake City, UT, Sales


!This…is…AWESOME!!! I can’t believe how good both the resume and the cover letter turned out. I am still amazed with how quickly you were able to turn them around after our conversation the other night–I seriously was not expecting these until tomorrow. The extra day should give me a serious advantage with applying for this position. Both of these documents communicate my skills, and market me as the “Rock Star” you described, better than I could have ever imagined. . . . I found the information you requested during the interview not only helpful in getting the exact content for my resume, but it also helped me better frame in my mind what I have to offer, and what will be most important to communicate during the interview process. — Brian Englund, Sandy, UT, Account Management

Best looking resume!

“Wow, your resume looks great. Best looking resume I think I have seen,” commented one executive of a major financial institution to my client, a marketing expert seeking a director-level position. — Bill W., New York Metro Area, Marketing Analytics


Amy Adler’s work has been invaluable in my job search.– M.G., Senior Specialty District Manager, Pharmaceuticals

Got the Offer!

Got the offer! Thanks for everything!!! This was the only job I applied for. It was divine intervention, and your fabulous resume. — Kathy W., Mt. Kisco, NY, Marketing management

If You Want That Great Job, Call Amy

Amy is definitely a wordsmith. I asked her to rewrite my resume as I transitioned into a new career in July of 2010. I think I was especially impressed with her questions about my experience and accomplishments for over an hour. This really meant a lot to me. I felt she knew me and understood what I had done and could help identify my strengths. As a result, she provided me a great resume in two days. I was impressed at her timeliness in returning cover letters and or calls promptly. If you want that great job, call Amy. — Nyna Tryon, RN, MBA, Health care sales

World Class Resume

I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Adler for the creation of a resume and cover letter. Amy’s writing skills and ability to identify and articulate my skill sets has been invaluable in helping to create a world class resume.

Her approach to information gathering and interviewing was concise and thorough, which helped to organize the content in a manner that was most pertinent and effective.  She also delivered ahead of scheduled and her rate was more than fair.

If you were in need of an appealing resume that will create interest and professionally represent your skill sets and value-add, I would highly recommend working with Amy Adler. The feedback to mine has been nothing less than favorable. — Ronnie Rosenberg, Salt Lake City, Sales

Best Cover Letters

Amy has excellent writing skills. With minimum information, she wrote the best cover letter I came across to date. I am really impressed by her ease with words and her sharp thinking. She is genius when it comes to resume writing. She has the natural knack to transform cumbersome/cluttered resumes to organized/clear ones. It has been a pleasure to work with her. — Ravi S., Cottonwood Heights, UT, M.S., Information technology

Hire Someone Who Loves Resumes

If you hate resumes hire someone who loves them!
Amy is a valued colleague. I value her insights and intellect. She’s a polished presenter and trainer.

I hired her to do resumes for my husband and me. I believe it’s difficult to write your own resume. Her unbridled curiosity and willingness take the time needed to “understand” you lead to a document that will stand out.

Amy and I have worked on co-presenting together. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is authentic and inspiring. Audiences respond well to her message.

I have learned a great deal from her. Her questions have helped me clarify my marketing and presentations. I look forward to collaborating on more projects in the future.

If you hate resumes – hire someone who loves them. — Mary Cosgrove, SPHR, Salt Lake City, UT, Human resources

You Did a Fantastic Job Transforming My Resume

Thank you very much for your great work on my resume and cover letter, as well as the inquisitive and creative approach! … I think you did a fantastic job transforming it! — PG, San Francisco, CA, Sales management

The Finished Product Was Fantastic

I hired Amy to create a resume for me and the finished product was fantastic. She is friendly and personable on the phone and she really took her time during the consultation to understand my career experience. She knew which accomplishments were important to highlight and what would catch the attention of prospective employers. My new resume is sharp and professional and articulates my skills exceptionally well. I’ve submitted it to 9 prospective employers and got an initial interview from 7. I am very pleased with Amy’s work and recommend her highly.–  David Olener, MA, JD, New York, NY, Legal Industry

Great Resume Advice

A big BIG thank you to @InscribeExpress for some great #resume advice and thought-provoking ideas. — Jonathan Krass, Chicago, IL, Human resources

She Was Able to Understand Intuitively Who I Am

Amy made me think about myself in a way that I usually don’t, with some serious self-reflection. I enjoyed speaking with her–she was able to understand intuitively who I am. It was a pleasure to talk with her and  the end product more than meets my expectations. — Carla Vandever,  Centerville, UT, Health insurance industry

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