Choose Your 6-Figure Executive Career Strategy

“My first impression was ‘wow, I’m good!’  My second thought was ‘Wow, Amy is good!’  You really know what you are doing.”

— M.S., Director of Operations, Financial Services

“Thank you for all of your help! Your resume made the difference and pushed me past an intro and got me an interview.” — Jon Accarino, Executive Director KSL / NBC

“For the month of May I’ve had six interviews. I’m at 50 percent for call backs … Your resume hit the spot and I’m very grateful for what you did; it was well worth it!”— C.N., Salt Lake City, UT, Sales

“ ‘Wow, your resume looks great. Best looking resume I think I have seen,’ commented one executive of a major financial institution to my client, a marketing expert seeking a director-level position.” — Bill W., New York Metro Area, Marketing Analytics

“What you did [on my LinkedIn profile] was VERY effective.  My number of page views has doubled or in some cases tripled!” — B.K., Seattle, WA, Operations and Supply Chain

Not sure which resume strategy is best for you?

Decide the best career portfolio option for you:

1.       I give my best answers a. Out loud and off the cuff b. On paper, when I have time to think about what I need to say
2.       I know a ___ about my career accomplishments a. A great deal. I’m sure I can talk about my career accomplishments with ease. b. A little. I’m not really sure how to talk about my accomplishments.
3.       I prefer a. Describing my experiences to someone else b. Writing about my experiences, so I can prepare my thoughts
4.       I need my resume a. In 2-3+ weeks b. As soon as possible (<2 weeks)
5.       I prefer a. A great deal of accountability and partnership b. To work on my own, knowing I’ll get the work done on time.

Give yourself 0 for each “a” answer and 1 point for each “b” answer. If you scored 3 or more, then the Bronze or Silver options might be best for you. If you scored less than 2, consider the Gold or Platinum options.

Platinum: Executive Resume, LinkedIn Profile, PLUS All Strengths Packs
Certified Master Resume Writer
Crafts Your Executive Resume
and LinkedIn Profile

Platinum: Comprehensive Job Search Strategy and Coaching Program
Premium service offered by consultation only
Executive resume targeted to your career goals crafted by a Certified Master Resume Writer and TORI Executive Resume First-Place Winner
Complete LinkedIn Profile Development

Comprehensive Career Inventory and Branding Conversation

All Strengths Packs:
Recruiter Distribution + E-Note
Career Letter Portfolio (subs for single cover letter)
Call (801) 810-5627 to discuss this comprehensive service
Silver: Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile
Certified Master Resume Writer
Crafts Your Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Silver Program: Best for Busy Executives Ready to Launch a Job Search Now
Get Started Today! Fastest Start Times.
Executive resume targeted to your career goals crafted by a Certified Master Resume Writer and TORI Executive Resume First-Place Winner
Complete LinkedIn Profile Development
Start My Resume Program Now

All Packages Include

24 x 7 Access to web-based strategy sessions | On-page interactive worksheets; your responses emailed directly to you | Thorough executive branding strategy

Executive resume delivered in Word and PDF and LinkedIn profile (Silver, Gold, Platinum) delivered within 5-10 business days

Unlimited revisions by email (up to 30 days from delivery)

Complimentary phone check-in at ~1 week to discuss your progress | Exclusive access to private Job Search Resource Library for 60 days

Add Strengths to Your Career Strategy

Take your executive career search strategy to greater heights with one or more of our Strengths Packs. Have questions? Call (801) 810-5627. Note: You will add these to your resume and LinkedIn program (selected above) before you check out.

A. Platinum Strengths Pack

You have your resume and LinkedIn profile, and you’re ready to present yourself to executive hiring teams and boards of directors with a comprehensive strategy. The Platinum plan includes all 4 Career Power Packs (Interview Strategy, LinkedIn Strategy, Career Letter Portfolio, Recruiter Distribution and E-Note) plus your custom Executive Biography. $3999

B. Interview Strengths Pack

Are you making it to the interview but struggling to answer difficult interview questions? Be 100% interview-ready with the Interview Strategy Power Pack. Be ready to deliver a concise and targeted answer to the most difficult interview question—“Tell me about yourself”—with 3 different versions (15/30/90-seconds). Then, identify your top 5 interview questions and receive carefully crafted written responses to each. Finally, define your interview strategy and practice Q&A over 2 hours of live interview coaching, so you’re ready to ace your interview. $1599

C. LinkedIn Strengths Pack

LinkedIn’s a moving target, and if you’re not up to speed on how the world’s largest address book works TODAY, you’re behind the job search curve. In 2 hours of live coaching, you’ll get a personal tour of all of LinkedIn’s most valuable features and learn to use each one in your executive job search. Then, catapult your job search forward with a custom LinkedIn / offline networking strategy. $349

D. Recruiter Distribution + E-Note Strengths Pack

Have the need for speed, and want to get your resume in front of as many as several thousand recruiters looking for your expertise? Choose your recruiter audience by industries and job functions, and promote your resume to the audience it deserves. Includes custom e-note cover letter geared for the e-mail distribution. Note: You may substitute delivery to venture capital firms on request. $449

E. Career Letter Portfolio Strengths Pack

Now that you have your resume, be on-the-spot ready to apply for choice executive positions with 3 custom cover letters (and e-note versions) and/or customized post-interview thank you notes. $449

F. Executive Biography

Introduce yourself quickly and succinctly with an executive or speaker’s bio. $450

G. Single Targeted Cover Letter

Deliver a highly specific message to your #1 job search target. $199

Bronze–Resume Only

Most executive job seekers do best with a comprehensive job search strategy. However, if you think you need a resume only, choose the Bronze package here. $849.

Resume Update

For former resume clients only. Add 1 new position and reframe your branding (as required). Minimal additional editing throughout while keeping existing design intact. Includes 30-min information-gathering call. Choose your Resume Update here. $150.